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Herakleitos and the culture of change

“One cannot step twice into the same river, for the water into which you first stepped has flowed on.” Fragment 21, Herakleitos 540 – 480 BC Like all experience, language too is constantly changing; it’s a work in progress. Think of … Continue reading

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Words are powerful

Do you ever think about how language works? I see words as thought-capsules that convey our ideas, desires, ambitions, dreams, goals, emotions — our humanity. We use words to persuade, propose, inform, explain, explore ideas, ask, express, celebrate, comfort, understand, … Continue reading

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Context is everything

Wittgenstein taught us that when it comes to language, context is everything.  Whether you’re writing a report, a website, or a poem, it’s wise to ask yourself: Who am I talking to? What do I need to say?  What do … Continue reading

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